a valentine’s life

My mom and dad have been married for 62 years. They both have their physical struggles and they take care of each other. My dad takes care of my mom’s arthritic feet every morning. I felt privileged to watch him carefully wash, dry and apply topical aids on her feet. They have lived a Valentine‘s life together, and not just a Valentine’s Day. I was also reminded of what Jesus taught us. Take a moment and read the gospel of John chapter 13 today. Thanks for stopping by.

galena time

Galena, Illinois was “born” in 1826. It is known as the town that time forgot. This beautiful town is filled with shops, candy, lots of chocolate, delicious coffee, great eateries and, apparently, ghosts! This is my bride, and we enjoyed celebrating 39 years together in Galena!

help us dream

so i wonder
dr. king
what you would say
we have done
with your dream
it seems
we got it wrong
and there’s no song
to help us anymore

so i wonder
dr. king
what you would say
as you stroll
on our main streets
sit in our bible studies
and share a meal
at our dinner tables

i wonder
dr. king
if you don’t mind
would you help us
dr. king
seem to

and there’s
a greater loss
dr. king
we don’t love
our neighbor
as we love
dr. king
i’m so sorry

but just
one more thing
dr. king
would you
help us dream
dr. king
help us to make
one day
dr. king
we are asleep
dr. king
and we have forgotten
how to dream

in a little corner of my home

a cup of coffee
in a little corner of my home
lights and shadows
remind me of what lies within me
darkness and light
love and hate
goodness and self-centeredness

the memories descend

life and love
family and friends
grace and peace
laughter and song
so many gifts
undeserved and plentiful

soon the wraith
of dim stories arrives
and the quiet ache
of all things left undone
and of all that i have done
to others and to myself

i choose to surrender
to all the images
that so quickly float
through my mind
as i lift my gaze
in a little corner of my home

three crosses
such an ugly place
of death
of pain
of sorrow
of suffering

and it is there
in the midst
of the darkness and light
of my life
it is only there
where the lies i tell
and the lies i believe
are exposed

where my shame is undone
in love and acceptance
where i trade my burden
for hope
and the lightness
of forgiveness

and i realize
He is here
with me
in a little corner
of my home

someone’s falling

someone's falling
oh God
someone's falling
a desperate soul
searching for peace
searching for a place
called home

someone's crying
oh God
someone's crying
a daddy fears
for his little girl
how he longs
to keep her safe
in this dark world

someone's running
oh God
someone's running
and the bullets fly
so hard to breathe
just need to hide
keep running

someone's praying
dear God
shouldn't we all
be praying
it's so dark
dear Jesus
shine through
my broken heart
no matter how small
my light may be
shine through me

let me fall
into Your grace
You're my home
and safety
let me weep
with those who weep
You're my comfort and my hope
let me run
into Your arms
and love this world
You love

love this world
You love