st. mary’s catholic church, port washington, wi

This is the first of three images of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Port Washington, WI. We paid our first visit to this beautiful lakeside community a couple of months ago where this church majestically watches over the town from its hilltop location.

home church 1

home church 1

Moving away from the shore and back to my home town for a series  –  if 4 is a series  –  of images of the church I grew up in. This is the old St. Raphael’s Church in East Meadow, NY. The parish has built a beautiful, modern sanctuary and this is all that remains of the St. Raphael’s of my childhood. The structure is in the shape of an “L”,  with the altar right at the lower left corner where the horizontal and vertical lines of an “L” meet. This is taken from the alter looking at the longest part of the sanctuary.

church of the nativity 4

church of the nativity 3

One last image of the Church of the Nativity. This is a wider shot of the Church of St. Catherine (Roman Catholic), which is a part of the traditional site where Christ was born. One of the most amazing aspects of my trip to the Holy Land was the opportunity to visit so many beautiful cathedrals and churches.