more fall moments

Starved Rock State Park, in Oglesby, IL, is filled with hiking trails, canyons, high cliff views of the Illinois River and, in the Fall, the beauty of all those fallen leaves. My colleagues and I go to this park for our annual hiking trip to celebrate birthdays on our staff. We enjoyed a cool, beautiful day! Thanks for stopping buy.

a father’s joy

ice falls

I can remember saying this to each of my four children, when they were around two or three years old: “Now, you are going to stay this age, right? No more growing up. Just stay right here.” Of course none of them listened, and, even though the experience of watching your children grow is bittersweet, there is also the joy of loving them and relating to them as adults. This is my oldest daughter. One of our favorite things to do is go hiking at Starved Rock State Park. We hike, walk, and even as I enjoy her beauty and conversation, and, what she is doing in life, I still wish, just a little bit, that she (and the other three kids) was 2 or 3 again. I am blessed. Looking forward to more hikes Andrea.

montana moment

montana moment

For the past two summers I have been part of a team that has done some very special work at a camp in Montana. This camp brings together siblings that have been separated in the Montana foster care system. It is a beautiful thing to love on the campers and treat them to a few days of fun! It is also a bittersweet time with these kids, recognizing that some see their brothers or sisters only at this time, and, many have some very hard back stories. We have also enjoyed taking hikes into this beautiful part of the world! If you ever have the chance to go out to Montana, be sure to visit the Custer National Forest.