ice pies?

snow disks

Not quite sure what else to call those ice disks. This is the first of three images taken at the Aux Sable access on the historic I&M Canal. The Illinois Michigan Canal is a 96 mile canal that connects the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first of three images taken at the locks at Aux Sable.


a father’s joy

ice falls

I can remember saying this to each of my four children, when they were around two or three years old: “Now, you are going to stay this age, right? No more growing up. Just stay right here.” Of course none of them listened, and, even though the experience of watching your children grow is bittersweet, there is also the joy of loving them and relating to them as adults. This is my oldest daughter. One of our favorite things to do is go hiking at Starved Rock State Park. We hike, walk, and even as I enjoy her beauty and conversation, and, what she is doing in life, I still wish, just a little bit, that she (and the other three kids) was 2 or 3 again. I am blessed. Looking forward to more hikes Andrea.

cold rose

cold rose

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, and October is quickly making room for the coming cold of November and beyond. This was taken just outside my front door. Happy Fall and Winter everyone!

let go the summer days

the buzzing evening songs

and the corn so high

and proud

just embrace crispy leaves

the cedar scented sweater

it’s raining yellow

orange and red

dear cold rose

rest beneath

a wintry blanket

the dark cold days

just a bridge

to that wondrous


then Spring