strong servant

there are not enough words
in the world’s languages
to properly honor my mom

today I’ll choose two:

strong servant

rest your eyes on her hands

a remarkable strength lies beneath
their frail appearance

when i greeted her this morning
her embrace was not only filled with love
it was filled with a force
a firmness
a stability
that comes from deep within

i know her heart carries
immeasurable sadness
and a weariness
that age and time have given her

her heart is also filled
with a near perfect combination
of strength of will and resolve
and a seemingly endless
river of love
ever flowing
in service of others
rest your eyes on her hands

hands that have worked so hard
to create a home
to clean and cook
to calm and reprove
– trust me when i tell you they are strong hands –
to hold and release
to serve all who entered her home

but these are just two words
shadows that dimly portray
my dear mom

mom moments

This is my dear mom who is… well, to be polite, she is above 90 years old. We try to get back to Long Island, NY a few times a year to visit with my family. COVID porevented an earlier trip this year and, this time, my wife needed to be at home, so I am here enjoying my parents who still live in the house I grew up in. We hung out on the front porch and just chatted away a few moments together. She carries a weight of sadness for all that she has seen in this world, but at any moment, she can laugh and get me laughing as well! Favorite quote so far: “You have to enjoy your home… when you think about it, for 60 years this home has kept us from getting wet.”

my back story

Plaza Colon

Above, the Plaza Colon, the main plaza in the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Below, Freddy and Carmen, my parents. I recently returned from a trip to be with my dear parents in Puerto Rico. My mom’s sister is dying, and they are taking care of her. It was a bittersweet time. My parents possess a rare kind of love that is sacrificial, wholly other centered, and without measure. I included the picture above because both the beautiful character and kindness of mom and dad, and the city of Mayaguez, are a part of my back story. It was such a pleasure to take walks with my dad and hear him tell stories… it was so good to hold my mom and be reminded of her unending care… it was so amazing to sit next to my mom’s sister while she made me laugh! I am so grateful for the facets of my back story… I hope to follow my folks in giving, loving, and laughter… I hope to share the joy they have given me with my wife and family for many years to come… thank you mom and dad…

my parents