so i thought
i don’t know
that somehow
we would be different

so i thought
you and i
would be that story
that others
would love to tell

we just
seem to
stay in one place
you blame me
i blame you
standing in the pain
with you
brings no light

we said
i do
we said
i’ll stay
come pain
or joy
in loss
in light
we’re in
the wrong

so i thought
so let’s just
into each other eyes
take each other’s hand
and gently remember

i do
the vows
forgive me





a valentine’s life

My mom and dad have been married for 62 years. They both have their physical struggles and they take care of each other. My dad takes care of my mom’s arthritic feet every morning. I felt privileged to watch him carefully wash, dry and apply topical aids on her feet. They have lived a Valentine‘s life together, and not just a Valentine’s Day. I was also reminded of what Jesus taught us. Take a moment and read the gospel of John chapter 13 today. Thanks for stopping by.

soul distancing

Soul distancing: the practice of separating your soul
from the day to day rush
the deadline driven exhaustion

the anxiety saturated social media
the identity robbing expense of living for someone's approval

the heart hardening fallout of unforgiveness
the countless heart deadening diversions

and instead

connecting to whatever it is that helps you to

s       l        o         w           d           o            w             n

a walk on the shore... a hike...
sitting in stillness... prayer...
coffee and a good book...

you may discover what you are really living for and decide to change course

you may discover what you really worship and decide to reach higher in the affections of your heart and mind

you may discover an ocean of tears that were held back by your hardness becasue you need to be right

or you won't let it go

or you refuse to forgive

or because you know you need to confess and make it right

you may discover

in the stillness

the voice of God

the shores of my story

the songs are breaking on the shores
of my story
reminding me of family friends and love
gifts of Grace are all around
in every wave i hear the sound
of Your love and care

the songs are breaking on the shores
of my story
reminding me of things undone
hurt and tears seem to abound
in every wave i hear the sound
of my lack of love dear God
forgive me

the songs are breaking on the shores
of my story
reminding me of my dearest love
high school days then wedding day
home and kids
all gifts from above
in every breath i breathe
your love
so grateful
for your love

the songs are breaking on the shores
of my story
reminding me i soon must leave
so may i sing to my Father above
so may i sing to those i love
may He find me ready
to walk on the shore
of my new home
no more tears and endless Light
faith hope
and the greatest