a walk in the park

I have so enjoyed spending some time on Long Island visiting my parents. Whenever I come back home I always take a walk in Eisenhower Park and visit the Veterans Memorial. This beautiful memorial serves as a tribute to the heroes of Nassau County. I also always go to Jones Beach. That will be the next post.



This image contains lots of ingredients that make up a wonderful part of my life. It was taken a couple of years ago in my home town, East Meadow NY. You can see that it is the corner of FIFTH ST and PROSPECT AVE. If you walk towards the ’57 Chevy and turn right when you pass it, and walk down FIFTH ST, you will arrive at my home in about 4 minutes. Speaking of ’57 Chevy’s, I remember when my dad had one. In fact, I was so young, I can remember sitting in the back seat with my legs sticking straight out. I was too short to bend my knees over the edge of the cavernous seat. All to say, I love my home town memories, my dad’s old ’57 Chevy, and the precious gift of being able to go back and see my parents in the house I grew up in.

home church 1

home church 1

Moving away from the shore and back to my home town for a series  –  if 4 is a series  –  of images of the church I grew up in. This is the old St. Raphael’s Church in East Meadow, NY. The parish has built a beautiful, modern sanctuary and this is all that remains of the St. Raphael’s of my childhood. The structure is in the shape of an “L”,  with the altar right at the lower left corner where the horizontal and vertical lines of an “L” meet. This is taken from the alter looking at the longest part of the sanctuary.

9 11 memorial at eisenhower park

9 11 memorial at eisenhower park

On my recent trip to Long Island I went to Eisenhower Park and had fun remembering being a kid in this beautiful place. The park features a somber memorial to 9/11. On September 9, 2007, Nassau County unveiled the 9/11 Memorial honoring the 344 Nassau County residents who lost their lives during the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center. The monument is one of the largest completed memorials to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

winter’s shore

winter's shore

This has been a wonderful week loving on my elderly parents, laughing with my siblings, and walking along the shore during this trip to my home town: East Meadow, NY. So grateful to take home some new memories… grateful for family, friends, and, this beautiful world…